Howdy! The latest Poképon build features a good deal of changes and improvements, and various bugfixes too.

I’m gradually updating the sprites to either new ones or better versions of the current ones. A huge shout-out to Botchan-MLP and to all Desktop Ponies artists for creating tons of MLP sprites and making them available for re-use in videogames :D

Last but not least, this update introduces battle replays, which allow to save a battle replay as a text file and watch it over and over.

How to replay

  1. Ensure you have enabled the Enable battle logging option (it is by default)
  2. At the end of a battle, issue the /save command in the battle chat (actually, you can do this any time during a battle, but you’ll only be able to replay the battle until the point when you saved it). A log file will be saved, likely in %APPDATA%/pokepon/battle_records (or in ~/.pokepon/battle_records if you’re on Linux or Mac). The name of the log file will be written on the chat: you can rename it as you wish, and also change its location, as long as you remember where you put it.
  3. To replay that battle, open the launcher and click on the Replay button, then select the file where the battle was saved. Click Ok, and you should be able to watch the battle replay!