Bugs are known to happen to any software under development, and Poképon doesn’t make an exception.

If you don’t have a GitHub account and don’t want to open an issue (which is the preferred way to report bugs), drop a comment here describing the bug.


  • If you find a bug, an issue or whatever, ensure you have the latest version of the game.
  • If the bug you’re reporting is a crash, a debug log is necessary to understand what’s going on: to save a debug log (you can do it only if you have checked the “Open debug window” when launching the client), click on the debug window and, when asked “Save to file?”, select “Ok”. Take the latest ~100 lines from the log file and submit them along with the report (use a service like Justpaste.it, Pastebin.com, Pasted.co, etc to paste the debug log).
  • If it’s not a crash, you don’t usually need a screenshot of the debug window. Just describe the bug in detail.

You can comment either in English or in Italian; please, avoid other languages (unwanted comments will be deleted).