This is the official Poképon download page.

Be aware that the game is in early-release stage, so some bugs are to be expected.

IMPORTANT: click here for the instructions on how to play.

Packaged releases

These will get you a Jar file containing the packaged game.

To play the game:

  • on Windows
    1. Right click on the JAR file
    2. “Open with” -> “Java 1.7 (or later)”
      OR like on Linux (see below)
  • on Linux
    1. Open a terminal
    2. cd <path to pokepon.jar>
    3. java -jar pokepon.jar
  • on Mac
    1. (like on Linux or, with the GUI, like on Windows)


You can also download the source code and compile it yourself. This may result in a slightly faster game, and it’s the preferred method if you want to host a dedicated server.

To build the game:

  1. Have the Java JDK 1.7 or later installed
  2. Add the location of the pokepon parent directory to your CLASSPATH
  3. With a terminal, cd <path to pokepon.jar>
  4. javac "@files.txt"

To play:

  1. with a terminal: java pokepon.main.QuickLauncher

(The README contains more detailed instructions)